ACTU From Noumea to Kentucky, what you should not miss in the news this weekend

 The five news in the retro: The victory of the no in New Caledonia, a Miss France & ldquo; & nbsp; more feminist than ever & nbsp; & raquo ;, and the coronation in extremis (contested) for Verstappen

In the streets of Nouméa in New Caledonia, December 12, 2021. – : Clotilde Richalet/AP/SIPA

You have benefited & oacute; of your weekend to do your Christmas shopping or just log out? & nbsp; Now is the time to dive into our summary of the unmissable news of the last two days.

1. Overwhelming victory for the no in the self-determination referendum in New Caledonia

 The five infos in the retro: The victory of no in New Cal & eacute; donie, a Miss France & laquo; & nbsp; more feminist than ever, and the coronation in extremis (contested) for Verstappen

A strong woman in the third and last report on the self-determination of the New Caledonia & agrave; Noum & eacute; a, December 12, 2021. – Clotilde Richalet/AP/SIPA

& ldquo; & ldquo; France is more beautiful because New Caledonia has decided; to stay there & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Emmanuel Macron greeted & nbsp; this Sunday the overwhelming victory of the non & agrave; independence during the third referendum of self-determination in the archipelago o & ugrave; A period of eighteen months now opens to define its new status.

Marked with a record abstention after the independent appeal was called. sulking the ballot, this third and last reference has been made won by the pro-France with 96.49% of the votes, against 3.51% for the yes independence, blank and null votes counting 2.99%.

The magnitude of the result is put into perspective by a participation (43.90%) in free fall compared to the two previous benchmarks won in November 2018 and October 2020 by the loyalists with respectively 56.7% then 53.3% of the vote.

On this observation, President Macron called, during a solemn address since the Elys & eacute; e, & rsquo; welcome with & ldquo; & ldquo; & nbsp; respect and humility & nbsp; & nbsp; & raquo; the result, noting that & ldquo; the electorate remained deeply divided & nbsp; & raquo; on this strategic archipelago of the South Pacific, French since 1853.

2. The coronavirus epidemic is raising hospital pressure a notch

 The five infos in the retro: The victory of the no in New Caledonia, a Miss France & laquo; & nbsp; more feminist than ever & nbsp; & raquo;, and the coronation in extremis (disputed & eacute;) for Verstappen

Olivier V & eacute; ran in his office Tuesday, November 16, 2021. – Romuald Meigneux/SIPA

The pressure hospitality linked to Covid-19 does not weaken in France where & ugrave; more than 2,500 people are treated in critical care wards, according to figures released on Saturday by Sant & eacute; public France.

This Sunday morning in the last 24 hours, 787 people with Covid-19 had been infected. admitted in French hospitals, wearing & agrave; 13,855 the number of Covid patients hospitalized in France.

& ldquo; The sanitary pressure is increasing and several parameters worry us. As the wave is national, we can no longer send reinforcements or proceed to proceed. massive inter-regional vacuums, & rdquo; said the Minister of Health & oacute; Olivier V & eacute; ran in an interview with Parisien published; Saturday evening

3. At least 83 dead in & ldquo; & ldquo; & ldquo; historic & nbsp; & rdquo; in the United States

The American rescue services were working hard this Sunday. the search for possible survivors of the tornadoes that have devastated; the central and southern United States Friday evening and Saturday morning, killing at least 83 and leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

Dozens of missing, flattened constructions & agrave; loss of sight, entanglements of rubble: six American states have been found. traversed by & ldquo; & nbsp; & nbsp; & rsquo; one of the worst tornado series & nbsp; & rsquo; of the country's history, wept; U.S. President Joe Biden, calling their ravages & ldquo; & nbsp; unimaginable tragedy & rdquo; & rsquo ;.

Already & agrave; 83 deaths were but the toll could grow worse: & nbsp; & ldquo; & nbsp; We still do not know how many lives have been lost lost nor the extent of the damage, & rsquo; President Biden on national stations.

4. Verstappen's in extremis coronation at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi

 The five infos in the retro: The victory of the no in New Caledonia, a Miss France & laquo; & nbsp; more feminist than ever & rdquo; & rdquo; and the coronation in extremis (contested) for Verstappen

Max Verstappen celebrates his first world champion title after his incredible GP victory Abu Dhabi, this Sunday. – Kamran Jebreili/AFP

Dutchman Max Verstappen (Red Bull) won his first F1 World Championship title by passing British rival Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) on the last lap to win the final Grand Prix of the season. Abu Dhabi this Sunday.

The Mercedes Formula 1 team, whose British driver Lewis Hamilton lost the world title, contested; officially the result of the race, have declared the organizers.

Mercedes has dropped off two complaints about how s & rsquo; is driven the safety car period; at the end of the race, which allowed & agrave; Verstappen to get the better of Hamilton in the last lap.

5. Diane Leyre, Miss Ile-de-France, & eacute; elected Miss France 2022

 The five infos in the retro: The victory of the no in New Caledonia, a Miss France & laquo; & nbsp; more feminist than ever & nbsp; & raquo;, and the coronation in extremis (contested) for Verstappen

Diane Leyre, Miss Ile-de-France, is elected Miss France 2022 – SIPA

Diane Leyre, Miss Ile-de-France, was crowned Miss France 2022 on the night of Saturday & agrave; Sunday & agrave; Caen l & rsquo; the result of a competition that is always very popular but increasingly criticized.

& ldquo; & ldquo; As a woman I want to show that we can & ecirc; be Miss France and feminist & # 8203; (& hellip;) For me, feminism is to decide to do what I want, & rdquo; warned the talkative 24-year-old Laureate at a press conference, who & ldquo; & nbsp; & nbsp; works in real estate promotion & nbsp; re & nbsp; & raquo ;.

The young brunette woman of 1m77, holder of an international trade diploma, was chosen & agrave; 50/50 by the viewers and by a jury of seven presiding personalities by Jean-Pierre Pernaut. The jury has decided & agrave; the end of an evening during which the 29 regional miss candidates presented; in stiletto heels a series of choreographies to well-known tunes from musicals, & agrave; large reinforcement of rhinestones and sequins, and to the cheers of the public at the Z & eacute; nith in Caen.