The “flip” Kovalchuk

Le «flip» Kovalchuk

The Los Angeles Kings have officially released Ilya Kovalchuk on the 16th of December last. Placed in the large garbage, the superstar-in-decline became available to any NHL team in need.

Three days later, I suggested to Marc Bergevin, in editorial at JiC to TVA Sports, to make an offer to Kovalchuk. Essentially, my argument was this : the season of misery of the CH (a), injuries to Jonathan Drouin, which was slow to heal, Kovalchuk, Russian player outside standard such as the montreal public can appreciate them, a first goal in shooting on reception who was going to do, jump for joy the public… the beautiful story is promised to be the balm on the wound of another appointment playoff missed.

I mention all this in the unique purpose to ensure that you do not believe that I am trying painfully deprive you of your pleasure. This would also deprive me of mine, I insist.

On the ice with his son

But the game of hockey, the national League is a big business and Marc Bergevin, a notary public.

Kovalchuk is the equivalent of a “flip” real estate. A building which is still adequate available at a ridiculous price after a repossession and that one offers to buy and sell quickly with a generous profit. It is a perfect plan. The profits generated enable you to make another investment, this one based on the principle of sustainability.

That’s the theory of metaphorical. In fact, Kovalchuk is working at full speed and likes at least as much here as Alexander Radulov, Andrei Markov and Alex Kovalev before him. Moving for the first time in a true natural market for hockey, it rejuvenates before our eyes.

Her children joined in with gusto, noting the heavy snow which they are very fond. The video became viral of the dad with his hat that pokes fun at his two boys on an outdoor ice you did much gentlemen, ladies, the roses and the chocolate that you plan to offer will to your fiancé(e) at the end of the week, logo of the Canadian premium…

More the perfect destination

Because we must not forget that we are in the heart of a recovery scenario. A guy came out here for a few months and who now wishes to spend a few seasons.

I admit that it is hard to resist. Montreal is no longer the dream destination of the stars of the NHL. The young players are hoping NOT to be picked up by the Canadian. Findings brutal that hurt the nostalgic of a great team that sadly no longer exists.

It back in July

Then one does what ?

Ridiculous Question a February 12, after a defeat chance against Arizona, private, Shea Weber, and now Phillip Danault.

We “flip” Kovalchuk if the offer is at least a choice of the second round. And it brings him back for a year on 1 July.

Jason Zucker has reported an excellent young prospect to the defence-first choice and Alex Galchenyuk in the Wild of Minnesota. And we would stay on the dock ? Do you have a single idea of the value of Jeff Petry ? And Tomas Tatar ?

Are you going to wake up one day Séraphin Poudrier in danger of extinction with your iron your dollars in the hands ?

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