The floods in the Irkutsk region podtopil 2,500 homes and destroyed 13 bridges

PHOTO : Website of the President of the Russian Federation


Irkutsk goes under water. The region has a state of emergency. Due to rain floods blocked the Federal highway “Siberia”. Water cut off from the outside world eight villages. Flooded two and a half thousand houses, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Hope Serezhkin.

Yesterday, it was real estate, and today the wooden houses in the villages of the Baikal region floated through the streets. In the zone of flooding dozens of villages. It is almost two and a half thousand houses. They are all along the coast of the rivers Oka and Kirei.

“So much water was not the morning came today, was flooded one side of the street, and in the morning fell swoop all quickly stood up. Underground full, garage full,” – says a local resident.

In three districts of the Irkutsk region declared a state of emergency. Are deployed temporary accommodation residents. 800 people had to be evacuated, including 181 children.

“The most difficult situation in Cheremkhovo, Taishet and Nizhneudinsk district. This was due to the fact that the Foundation precipitation, which has been developed together with the melting snow in the mountains of the Eastern Sayan”, – said the head of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the Irkutsk region Valentin Nelyubov.

The floods destroyed 13 bridges, two of them on Federal highways. Flooded with 16 sections of local roads. The most dangerous situation in Nizhneudinsk. There is a large water flooded the airport, the buildings of three kindergartens, two schools and a district hospital. Residents were left without electricity, sewage system is not working, there are problems with drinking water.
“Night calm was not, because at midnight I will rise and I watched three hours of the night, at six o’clock got up, and the water is on par with the front garden,” – said the inhabitant of the Irkutsk region Ivan Tkachuk.

“The water’s rising, upon arrival in the gardening there was no water across the road on the way back just half an hour she was up already. And already, it turns out, is across the street,” said Deputy head of the West search and rescue team firefighting and rescue service of the Irkutsk region Evgeny Kuzora.

To help the Irkutsk rescuers arrived from Krasnoyarsk. With two Mi-8 helicopters for a more rapid evacuation of residents.

“I have a house flooded in the window. Appliances, furniture, tools – all died,” said a resident of the Irkutsk region Natalia Khlyzova.
The weather forecasts are disappointing: the rains in the region will go until Sunday. And the water level will rise another half a meter.

More than three tons of the collected humanitarian aid sent to the residents of the flooded settlements of the Irkutsk region. Water, food and warm clothes to deliver, the emergency situations Ministry.