The food banks are more requested than ever

Les banques alimentaires sont plus sollicitées que jamais

The pandemic of COVID-19 savings few people. Beyond the people who are affected, they are several to turn to food banks to feed themselves.

Some agencies have seen demand increase significantly. For the moment, they say they stick out, but any help still welcome.

This is particularly the case of Youth in the Sun that helps hundreds of people.

“Normally, every day, there were about 100 families who came to Sun Youth to seek help food to the food bank. Now, it is made to 150 families per day,” says Anne St-Arnaud, director of communications for the organization.

Ms. St-Arnaud and his team have not been sitting idly since they must now deliver to its beneficiaries.

The organization has had to completely reorganize themselves to replace volunteers too fragile and increase the deliveries since there is more distribution on-site.

“A lot of times, there were people who tried to give me $ 5 or $ 2, but at this point, I say that this is not the time to do it and it helps everyone,” says one of the deliverymen Runny Skerritt.

In the region of Montreal, there are 250 organizations, such as Sun Youth, will be doing the full at Moisson Montréal. Two weeks ago, the management has increased by 30 % of its stock to meet the demand.

“To give you an order of magnitude, last year we gave $ 85 million of food to 250 agencies in Montreal. And then, this year, is online to give $ 25 million more”, considering the director-general Richard D. Daneau.

It begins, however, to run out of basic goods like flour or oil. The other thing that it could be missed, it is the money.

Difficult to hold to traditional fundraising, golf tournaments, for example.

“If the golf course, it gave us a quarter of a million, it is a quarter of a million dollars that there will not be this year,” he said.

If you want to donate non-perishable, or even give money, the best way to do this is to dial the phone 211.

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