The food stocks on the rise with the pandemic

Les stocks de nourriture en hausse avec la pandémie

The tendency to want to store goods and food in times of pandemic gained traction here in Quebec, where 26 % of Quebecers say they have adopted this practice for the first time, according to a survey Light.

The COVID-19 is come change our habits for the better and for the worse.

Among the positive aspects, almost 9% of households have tried buying online for the first time, and 42 % intend to maintain this habit, according to Cyntia Darisse, vice-president, Québec office, for Lightweight.

The food aspect of the Study blue, which was performed at 1502 Quebec, from 28 April to 3 may, is suggestive of the impacts left by the COVID on the behaviour of consumers.

“There are plenty of people who have discovered that it was possible to do your grocery shopping online and it worked quite well. The results obtained by the survey are still impressive. It is almost one household in 10 who tried it for the first time. Online grocery shopping, it really is here to stay, ” said Ms. Darisse in the Journal.

Habits transformed

During a webinar held today in the presence of members of the Association québécoise de la distribution de fruits and vegetables, Ms. Darisse will unveil a detailed picture of our habits have been transformed.

“In the majority of Quebecers, the pandemic has changed their relationship with money. Sixty percent are more concerned about their finances and 32 % say they will definitely reduce their spending on what is deemed non-essential, ” continues Ms. Darisse.

This trend is higher among women, particularly between 25 and 34 years of age, who are still the majority to do the grocery shopping, without falling into clichés.

“Nearly one-quarter of Quebecers, who lived day to day and who were going to the grocery store only when there was something missing, have had the reflex to buy more goods for fear of running out. It is a habit that seems to have endured, ” added Ms. Darisse.

“This is more madness from the beginning, but among those who have taken the taste to cook and make their own bread, several are going to want to continue,” she said, recalling the shortage of flour and yeast that has prevailed for the containment.

Buying local

The prime minister’s call to promote the “buy local” has been heard by the population. According to Light, 27 % of respondents say they purchase more local products since the financial crisis.

We also find that respondents are more likely to want to buy from a company in canada and the U.s. against a u.s. company. This is especially the case for fruits and vegetables, where 86 % of respondents want to prioritize a company with us, even if they have to pay a little bit more expensive.

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