The forecast for the week 18 to 24 June at the Maria Lenormand cards

Прогноз на неделю с 18 по 24 июня по картам Марии Ленорман

Thank you for the interesting prediction!

Map of Maria Lenormand differ in interpretation from the famous Tarot card!Primarily this is evident in the image. In these cards there is no dominant cards, like major Arcana. And no such suit as Wands, Pentacles, Swords and Cups.

They are more simple to clarify in a concrete, everyday situations. But in predicting future events they showed themselves from the best side. That’s why the popularity they can compete with the legendary Taro.

History of Maria Lenormand cards begins in the small French town Alanbasi, where on may 27, 1772, was born to a great fortune. Her father was a wealthy merchant manufactory.

All my early childhood years spent in Mary’s convent boarding school. Even as a very young pupil of the convent, she found herself the ability to predict the future.

The first prediction is due to the head of the monastery, which it is predicted that it will soon be transferred to another monastery. Soon the prediction came true.

After Maria Lenormand completed his training in the convent, her father died.
The family of Lenormand left without their main breadwinner, and was forced to move to Paris.

There she first worked as a clerk, then finally found the ability in divination.

In 1790 she and her friend opens in Paris salon, which provides services in divination for everyone.

By 1793, the interior gains an incredible popularity. Predictions Mademoiselle Lenormand was always true, so she visited all of the then elite of Paris.

The popularity of Maria Lenormand brought the prophecy to Napoleon.

At a time when Napoleon Bonaparte was a simple officer, Mademoiselle Lenormand was friends with his wife.

She predicted her soon to the crown. Bonaparte neither he not his wife in the prediction at first did not believe, however, after some time it came true.

After the coming to power of Napoleon on the teller forgot. He gave her one million francs, and made it his Royal fortune. Soon Lenormand predicted Napoleon’s divorce from his wife, and later the defeat in the war of 1812.

Cards that used Marie Lenormand was standard for the time. It only slightly changed their interpretation. After any special card the fortune teller left, but she wrote a lot about them.

Cards, Lenormand, known to us is the reconstruction of Erna Droesbeke, which examined in detail the notes of Mary Lenormand and reproduced in its records a deck of cards.

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