The foreign Ministry announced the imminent appointment of Ambassador to China

В МИД анонсировали скорое назначение посла в КНР

The Ministry of foreign Affairs said that the new Ukrainian Ambassador to people’s Republic of China will be appointed in the near future.

The post of Ambassador to China has been vacant since may 2019, when her left Oleg Demin. Temporary charge d’affaires of Ukraine today is Viktor Ponomarev.

“The candidacy of Ukraine’s Ambassador to China, is undergoing the last stages of approval. The post important – we need a balanced approach. It will be an experienced person and professional, and was sincerely received by our Chinese partners,” – said in comments MFA.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine has closed the Israeli Embassy.

Israel announced the closure of their embassies and representative offices not only in Ukraine but around the world. The reason is the strike by the working Committee of the Ministry of foreign Affairs and Ministry of defense of Israel. From 1:00 Jerusalem time and to receive new ads all diplomatic missions of Israel will be closed for visitors.

The foreign Ministry said that the Ministry of Finance tried to reduce the cost of Israeli diplomats and representatives around the world and apply new reporting rules retroactively.

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