The former adviser to Jean Charest was recruited by Uber

L’ex-conseiller de Jean Charest recruté par Uber

The former adviser of Jean Charest has just been hired as the manager of public affairs of the american giant Uber, noted The Journal.

In this position since last march, Jonathan Hamel has played a key role with Jean Charest between 2014 and 2015, according to his LinkedIn profile.

“Role-strategic advice to Mr. Charest, write notes of “briefing” for different folders, ensure follow-up records for Mr. Charest “… the new public figure of Uber has worked with him.

Jonathan Hamel has also served as director of parliamentary works of the ex-prime minister, Philippe Couillard, from December 2015 to October 2018, one can read in its mandate lobbyist added last Tuesday.


In Quebec, the multinational Uber maintains a love-hate relationship with the quebec government.

In 2017, she went so far as to threaten to leave Quebec if it was a training of 35 hours to give to its drivers, but it then did an about-face.

Since her arrival here four years ago, Uber has worked with a pilot project, which has been extended several times.

In 2017, changes have been made to the company : increase of the hours of training to its drivers, strengthening criminal background checks and the requirement to perform a mechanical inspection every 12 months.

Bill 17

Last year, the project of law 17, which reforms the transportation industry people in order to frame a permanent Uber, has been adopted, but the law will not come into force until next October.

Today, Uber continues to deploy its service of transporting people, but also of delivery (Uber Eats) and freight transport (Uber Freight).

Launched in October 2019, the service Uber Freight is still unknown, but he intends to draw its pin from the game in an industry shortage.

Despite several attempts, The Newspaper has not been able to speak to Jonathan Hamel the last few days.

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