The former Canadien Georges Laraque reached the COVID-19

L'ancien du Canadien Georges Laraque atteint de la COVID-19

MONTREAL | Georges Laraque has written himself over a tweet. It is not invincible. The former winger of the Edmonton Oilers is now part of the statistics found among a total of 27 538 people who have tested positive to the Covid-19.

Laraque has posted a photo on social networks in the early evening Thursday, with a short message.

“This is not the best news for me as I am asthmatic, but it’s going to go,” he mentioned.

In the morning, the 43-year-old continued his usual activities. It was on the radio 91,9 7: 00 am 7: 30 am to the issuance of the Sport in the morning with Louis-Philippe Guy and Gilbert Delorme.

“Georges made his intervention from his home on the South Shore of Montreal, said Simon René, the producer of the morning show. When I talked to him, he was coughing already. He told me that he wanted to take his pumps for the asthma before the direct sound. I telephoned him after his column, and he left already to the hospital. ”

“He was not feeling well the past few days, he also develops a fever, has continued to Rene. I had warned him that perhaps he had caught the virus, but he did not believe it too. He told me that he did virtually nothing, except to go out for groceries and a couple of older people. I had proposed not to do his column. But he wanted to participate. It has exceeded the time this morning, he never asked to do less. When you know George, you know he has a big heart. ”

The colleague Réjean Tremblay, a regular participant on the radio 91,9, has also made it clear that Laraque did his interventions as volunteers in replacement of Martin Leclerc this week. It was a way for him to give back to the station that employs him in the past couple of years.

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