The former Prime Minister of Bavaria: with Russia need to be friends themselves and not pushed into the arms of China

Europe wants with Russia to build a partnership, not to push her into the arms of China, said the former Prime Minister of Bavaria Edmund Stoiber. He praised the President of France Emmanuel Makron for trying to improve relations with Moscow and recalled that the majority of Germans sees a greater threat not in the head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin and the head of the White house Donald trump.

Экс-премьер Баварии: с Россией нужно дружить самим, а не толкать в объятия Китая

STOIBER, former Prime Minister of Bavaria: And it is no coincidence that in all polls the Germans — and to criticize — they say that Putin is not the biggest threat, and trump. People in Germany are afraid of trump, and Russian — no.

Now let me take this opportunity to tell you about Makron, who plays the European card and said, “What do I want? On the one hand I have America, which I can’t fully count. On the other hand is the confrontation with the Chinese giant.” Macron said: “We really want to continue to push the Russian partnership with China or Russia, a long — term strategic partner for Europe, for a strong Europe with a common foreign policy.” It’s an interesting idea (applause). After all, the European idea is not to see Europe as a market. The market is more or less functioning. And in foreign and defense policy, we are lagging behind the desired results. And that our opinions do not diverge. These are areas where Europe needs to achieve unity, the support of the majority and all the rest. And macron brings a liveliness to this discussion, albeit making hard statements.

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