The forum in Sochi, Putin met with journalists

PHOTO : Mikhail Metzel/TASS


The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the plenary session of the media forum “Truth and justice” in Sochi meets with journalists of regional mass media, reports “WORLD 24”.

The head of state discuss the topic with members of the Russian popular front on the implementation of national projects and about the problems that concern Russians.

“The most important task – improving the lives of people. Of course, already said in previous meetings such common words, but nevertheless not harmful to play them again. You are the closest to people are, I feel, understand, see with your own eyes everything that happens on the ground,” – said Putin.

The Russian leader will show problem reports television journalists from the regions. Including of them the head of state receives information about what is happening in the country.

This year for the first time official media on the media team bloggers. The truth is, virtually, via the communication platform SNWall. This is a Russian development for the monitoring of social networks. The moderators of the discussion in real time in a huge flow of messages selected publications ordinary people who are devoted to the problems of their regions.