The Foundation of the Impact in the heart of the fight to the COVID-19

La Fondation de l’Impact au cœur de la lutte à la COVID-19

The Foundation’s Montreal Impact will distribute the 98 000 surgical masks and 2000 bottles of gel hand sanitizer in homes and facilities long-term care in order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

In a statement released Monday, the Foundation pointed out that it is associated with initiatives to Conquer COVID-19 and Give the protection that will allow him to distribute personal protective equipment (PPE) to health workers. In addition, it will collect donations to support the fight against sars coronavirus in la Belle Province.

“It is very exciting and rewarding to partner with these organizations for the good of our community and, in particular, in the situation that we are facing today, said the president of the Foundation, Montreal Impact, Carmie Saputo, in a press release. The Foundation thus undertakes to pay $ 1 for every dollar of donation that will be paid, up to a maximum of $75,000.”

In addition to the masks and bottles of gel 235 ml, gloves, and baby monitors will be given.

“Quebec was the province most severely affected by the COVID-19 and our hero’s first line need protective equipment in order to ensure that they can treat their patients, while minimizing the spread of the virus, said Nadia Malik, head of the Quebec to Conquer COVID-19 and also responsible partnerships, programs, and strategy. Working with the Foundation, Montreal Impact, we will be able to deliver the COB in the hands of those who are in dire need to save lives.”

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