The FQM will continue on September for its congress in Quebec city

La FQM mise toujours sur septembre pour son congrès à Québec

The Fédération québécoise des municipalités (FQM) is working on various scenarios that could allow it, she hopes, to hold its annual conference as planned in September in Quebec city with a more modest.

Each year, the FQM is organizing a very big congress, on four days, which draws approximately 2000 participants. Of elected municipal officials and officials of the four corners of the province travel to attend conferences, participate in workshops, training courses and networking events.

The health crisis has turned upside-down, but the organization is hard at work to try to find a solution to save this large-scale event, in partnership with the Centre des congrès de Québec, who also tries to adapt to the new reality and reinvent itself, to the extent possible, for the eventual recovery.

It’s not easy knowing that the industry of the congress is precisely to enable hundreds, or even thousands of people to come together under one roof, so that the gatherings are banned…

“It is quite a challenge, recognizes the director of communications of the FQM, Line-Sylvie Perron. The spectrum of options that we’re working on is extremely large. It goes from “no congress at all” to the formula optimistic, if it was authorized by the national Directorate of public health, like other organizations, to hold a conference with a few hundred people. ”

Congress hybrid or virtual

Unnecessary, in the circumstances, working on a scenario with 2000 participants. “You don’t lose two seconds to work on it. It is known that it will not happen. We are working with formulae of hybrid, stuff at a distance, a virtual congress completely, or a virtual congress with a few people who are in front of us. We are working very hard on all sorts of options, ” says Ms. Perron.

For the small history, FQM had organised the first event at the convention Center of Quebec at the time of its inauguration in 1996. “We might, therefore, at the end of September, be one of the first if not the first congress for the reopening of the Centre,” she noted.

Losses of$ 90 Million to Quebec

In an interview with The Journal this week, the CEO of the congress Centre, Pierre-Michel Bouchard, said that he also bet on a recovery in September, knowing that the fall is a season dedicated more to the congress quebecers and canadians to the international congresses, which are all cancelled until further notice due to the crisis, which has resulted in the closure of the borders.

Mr. Bouchard estimated then that the pandemic was likely to deprive the region of Quebec benefits of approximately$ 90 Million by 2020 due to the cancellation or postponement of numerous congresses and events.

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