The French instrument was first registered marstrasse

Французский прибор впервые зарегистрировал марсотрясение

French SEIS seismometer on the American landing unit InSight, the world’s first recorded earthquake on Mars, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to the French space Agency CNES.

“It is great to finally know that on Mars there is still seismic activity. We were waiting for our first marsotryaseniya few months,” said a researcher of the Paris Institute of physics of the world Lognon.

According to him, this event will give rise to a new discipline: the Martian seismology.

Currently, a team of scientists is engaged in confirming the reasons for marsotryaseniya. They need to make sure that the tremors came from inside the planet, not due to distortion, wind or noise.

American lander InSight launched in may 2018, in November, he sat down on the surface of Mars.

A month later, a French seismometer SEIS using the manipulator mounted on the Martian surface to 1.6 meters from the lander.