The FTQ provides a 12% increase for beneficiary attendants

The FTQ is proposing to increase the salary of orderlies from 12 % up to $ 25 per hour.

The last bid submitted by the negotiators of the central trade union representatives of the treasury Board this morning is closer to the demands of the government.

The prime minister, François Legault, has appeared numerous times during the last few weeks, a marked increase of the salary of orderlies to $ 25 per hour.

This 12% increase in the hourly wage of the clerks would come into force from the first year after the signing of the new collective agreement, said the president of the central union, Daniel Boyer, in an interview.

“Nothing now prevents the government to successfully conclude this negotiation,” says Daniel Boyer.

According to the proposal of the FTQ, the few 550 000 other public service employees would see their pay increase by 2% per year for a contract of 3 years, most of 0.87% for improving the remuneration of low-paid workers.

This last measure would, among other attendants, to housekeeping, whose work has become essential during the pandemic, says Daniel Boyer.

“If we miss these people, because the wages are not that interesting, we will shoot themselves in the foot,” he says.

The government is desperately trying to hire more staff to respond to critical needs in the health care system, and NURSING homes severely affected by the crisis of the COVID-19.

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