The future of journalism Eurasia: a forum of student and youth media

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Elena Andreeva,


In Moscow Park “Zaryadye” opened a Forum of student and youth mass media “the Space of Eurasia”. The event will bring together over 750 young professionals from nine countries, among them Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, reports “WORLD 24”.

The forum was hosted by the State academic University of humanitarian Sciences. For young journalists it is a great platform where you can gain new knowledge and to communicate with colleagues from other countries of Eurasia. As well as to meet and socialize with their eminent colleagues in national media correspondents and TV show hosts, government officials and politicians. The planned round tables and discussions.

“I saw in the program that you have whole sections that are devoted to professional discussions of your professional work. That is very important and I think the exchanges will be very interesting,” – said the President of the State academic University of humanitarian Sciences Alexander Chubaryan.

“I am about to finish University and know that they need to improve their skills. This is very useful for my diploma, because I’m writing just a diploma on the subject of student media, so here I just plan to meet other guys, learn how they have it arranged,” – said the chief editor of student media, Russian state social University Diana Kurkina.

The forum will run for three days. It also awarded the International mediaframe.