The future participants in the BAPE on the tram reveal their concerns

Les futurs participants au BAPE sur le tramway dévoilent leurs préoccupations

Why the administration Labeaume she opted for the tram rather than for other means of transportation ? This is the main concern expressed by the 1600 respondents to a questionnaire BAPE, learned The Newspaper.

From 29 may to 12 June, the BAPE (Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement) has put online an extensive survey of préconsultation to measure the interest of the population to participate in the hearings, which will focus on the tramway in Quebec starting in the week of 6 July.

“In general, what would be your questions or main concerns in connection with this project ?” asked notably the BAPE.

Three concerns

After grouping the responses received, the BAPE concluded that the main concern of the citizens relates to ” the justification of the selected technology in the light of the alternatives, and the improvement of the service “.

Specifically, people are wondering especially on the specific choice of the tram compared to other means of heavy transport such as the metro or the monorail, or even compared to the single improvement of the bus service existing.

The second concern of the respondents regarding the ” project costs “. In the third position, the respondents questioned ” the justification of transit needs, including the impact of the COVID-19 “, reports the BAPE.

Detailed schedule soon

The detailed schedule of hearings is expected to be unveiled at the beginning of the next week. At this stage, it is still not clear if the BAPE is going to take place fully or partially online. The decision will depend on the evolution of the health crisis, and guidelines of the public health.

In a vein related, the ministry of the Environment has posed new questions to the City of Quebec, according to a document made public Thursday. This time, the questions concern the way by which the municipality plans to involve the huron-wendat Nation in the archaeological work related to the megaproject.

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