The game is ahead of the social aspect

The former agent of hockey players, Bob Perno, could not help but emphasize his first strike differently. A true bar chair-rolled in Nicaragua !

His round had not yet started his playing partners he pulled a pipe and telling jokes and new. Proud to find, even before the first shot, they lacked not one of them. No choice, without the famous “19th hole” because of the restrictive measures due to the COVID-19, they had the charge as they pushed the ball.

Under Perno, the instructions will require a certain period of adaptation. This is what all the golfers faced by The Newspaper, before and after their round on Wednesday, have argued. Apart from the prohibition to touch the pennant, the rules of the game are not chambardées. All the more that according to the revised regulations last year, it was in any way required to remove the pennant of the cup to
make putts on the greens.

The main changes to the sport are to be found rather in the tough guidelines restricting some access. The small habits are modified, then the old reflexes come to the surface.

Party discount

In the comments collected, the prohibition of enjoy this consumer refreshing after a round under the sun is back the most frequently. Of course, with the sun shining without a cloud in the sky to the South Shore, this consumer good company has missed to many enthusiasts. This is only a postponement, when the department of public health will decide whether to restart the sector of bars and restaurants.

The clubs are already hard at work to revamp their outdoor facilities. Find the social aspect is important.

“Nothing is excluded for the summer, recalled the director-general of the club of Boucherville, Yves Tremblay. This may be the opportunity to open the terrace when the instructions will be relaxed. For now, we appreciate what is no longer valued over the years. “

The sound of a bell that echoes the one heard the day before at the Blainvillier, on the North Shore in the Montreal region.

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