The games in Tokyo will not be again deferred

Les JO de Tokyo ne pourront pas être de nouveau reportés

TOKYO | The Tokyo olympic Games, deferred to the summer of 2021 because of the pandemic of COVID-19, will not be able to be pushed beyond, warned Thursday the president of the organizing committee of the competition in an interview.

The president Yoshiro Mori has found that there was “no” chance that the olympic and paralympic Games to be deferred beyond the date now planned, with an opening on the 23rd of July 2021, according to comments reported by the japanese news agency Kyodo News.

“Thinking about both the athletes and the problems for the organization, it is technically difficult to defer for two years,” assured Mr. Mori.

The chairman of the organizing committee said that the question of a two-year delay was initially posed to the japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, but the latter “decided that the way forward was a one-year deferral”.

After having served for several weeks that the Tokyo Games would be held in time and in time, Japan and the international olympic Committee (IOC) were resolved at the end of march to postpone for one year the olympics, under the pressure of the athletes and sports associations from different countries.

If the organizers want to make it a symbol of the resilience of the world in the face of the pandemic, the question of a carry over long began to be raised. Earlier this week, a japanese expert, critical of the way the country manages the epidemic, is said to be “pessimistic” about the staging of the Games in 2021.

“Honestly, I don’t think that it is probable that the olympic Games take place in the next year”, had said on Monday Kentaro Iwata, a professor in the department of infectious diseases, Kobe university (west), during a press conference in line.

The good performance of the great mass of the world of sport would require that not only Japan but also the rest of the world have come to the end of the disease by then, he had insisted.

The postponement of the Games is a huge logistical challenge for the organisers and is expected to result in significant additional costs, including the allocation between the organizing committee and the IOC has not yet been decided.

Yoshiro Mori, cited by Kyodo News, has, inter alia, that the ceremonies of opening and closing could be “drastically reviewed” in order to reduce costs, adding that they should include a message in connection with the current crisis.

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