The Gemini Awards will

Les Prix Gémeaux en profiteront

The new limit of 250 people could give back to the small screen its air pre-pandemic COVID-19. At least, some tunes.

Indeed, the measures announced by Quebec apply not only to the theatres, but ” the public who attends a production, a filming audiovisual interior “.

This new policy will benefit galas planned this fall, tells us Marc Pichette, public relations director of Radio-Canada. A greater number of personalities will be able to attend 35es Gemini, that Véronique Cloutier will host live from Studio 42 on Sunday 20 September. Same thing for the ADISQ awards, Louis-José Houde will be driving later this fall.

Variable Impact

But for now, these measures will not have any impact on all other recorded programs at Radio-Canada, “taking into account the strictest security measures which remain in force” to protect the staff of the diffuser, indicates Marc Pichette. In other words, Jean-Philippe Wauthier will continue to animate, good Evening, good evening ! in front of an audience empty this summer.

“This policy may offer new opportunities for programming and recorded shows elsewhere, says Marc Pichette. It is up to the producers concerned to assess the entire to enjoy, while continuing to work in strict compliance with the instructions of public safety. “

“There’s something missing “

President of target Audience, a quebec-based company in charge of recruiting spectators to attend the recordings of various tv shows, Caroline Tremblay hopes that the announcement by the government encourages producers to re-open the doors of the studios of the programming that they run.

“I look forward to see if there will be an impact,” says Ms. Tremblay. For the past few months, many productions are moving forward without public. Personally, I find it lacking something. It’s still cold as the atmosphere. Hear some of the technicians cheer, it’s funny. “

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