the gendarmerie draws up more than 100 tickets to a marriage

    the gendarmerie draws up more than 100 tickets to a marriage

    In the midst of an epidemic crisis, the organizers of this wedding which brought together nearly 180 people could be prosecuted for “endangering the life of others”. On Wednesday December 16, the gendarmes located dozens of guests on private land in the town of Verrières-en-Anjou located a few kilometers north-east of Angers.

    109 tickets were issued for non-compliance with the curfew and the failure to wear a mask on public roads. Officials were contacted to let them know that a procedure was going to be undertaken, explains the Parisian.

    “I saw cars arriving, but I thought it was for a gathering for the end of the year celebrations. We understood today that they were celebrating a wedding,” said Geneviève Stall, the mayor of the delegated municipality of Saint-Sylvain-d’Anjou in West France, adding that the town hall has “usually no problem with the community of Travelers, which is respectful and discreet”. “There, in the midst of a pandemic, it’s unconsciousness“, she admitted.

    A ceremony authorized by law

    If the prosecutor of the Republic of Angers, Éric Bouillard, mentioned possible legal proceedings against the organizers, remember that restrictions apply only to public space. Despite the health recommendations, “an owner is not limited in the texts on the number of his guests”.

    As Serge Slama, professor of public law at the University of Grenoble-Alpes, explained, “even if it is not at all recommended for health reasons, if you own a castle, the paradox is that you can organize your wedding. or your birthday in this private place without limitation of the number of guests“. In an interview for the daily the world, the specialist specified, however, that if the guests are contaminated “during the party”, they “could take legal action against the owner”.

    Several so-called clandestine evenings were interrupted in recent weeks: last weekend, hundreds of revelers were dispersed by the police and the gendarmerie in Marseille, Strasbourg or in Loire-Atlantique.

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