The General condition of the millionaires in the world exceeded 70 trillion

The aggregate wealth of all dollar millionaires in the world by the end of 2017 for the first time exceeded $70 trillion, increasing by 10.6%.

Общее состояние миллионеров в мире превысило 70 триллионов долларов

This is evidenced by the annual report World Wealth Report 2018.

According to the report, last year the number of millionaires increased by 1.6 million people, three quarters of new millionaires had in North America and the Asia-Pacific region (APR).

The number of people invested assets which are estimated at least $1 million, is 5.7 million in North America, Europe and 4.8 million in Asia Pacific — 6.2 million in the middle East — 660 thousand, in Latin America — 600 thousand, in Africa, 170 thousand in the United States, Germany, Japan and China by the end of 2017 lived 61.2% of all dollar millionaires in the world.

The state of Asian rich as a whole is estimated at $21.6 trillion, North – of $19.8 trillion, and European – in of $15.9 trillion.

Almost a third of the state’s richest citizens of the world kept in stock (30,9%), slightly less in cash and cash equivalents (27,2%), real estate account for 16.8%.

The cryptocurrency a growing interest – 29% of millionaires described their interest as “high”. The greatest popularity of cryptocurrency have among younger millionaires: 71,1% want to get information about the cryptocurrency market from their investment managers, while among the millionaires over 60 years of only 13%.

By 2025, the state of the world’s millionaires could rise to $100 trillion, predicts Capgemini. This is almost three times higher than the figure recorded for 2006.

Общее состояние миллионеров в мире превысило 70 триллионов долларов

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