The German authorities approved a tax increase on tickets

Власти Германии утвердили повышение налога на авиабилеты

The German government approved tax changes within the framework of measures aimed at reducing emissions of harmful substances and the fight against global warming.

About it reports Interfax-Ukraine with reference to local media reports Biznestsentr.

Due to this, in particular, trains should be cheaper, while air travel more expensive. The changes will take effect from April 2020.

The VAT on train tickets will be reduced to 7% from the current 19%.

Meanwhile, the tax for air travel will be increased depending on the distance: at a distance of up to 2.5 thousand kilometers – to 13.03 euros from 7.5 euros (jump to 74%), up to 6 thousand km – of 33.01 Euro 23,43 Euro (41%), on longer flights – up to EUR 59,43 with 42,18 € (also 41%). The sale of tickets at dumping prices, that is below cost, will be banned.

It is expected that the increase in the cost of tickets will allow you to receive an additional 740 million euros of taxes per year, significantly more than the amount of the VAT foregone in the field of railway passenger transportation.

Domestic flights in Germany are stagnating for several years. In 2018, they decreased by 0.8% to 23.5 million people, according to the Federal statistical office showed. Meanwhile, the international air transport increased by 5.5% and reached 99 million passengers.

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