The giant with a big heart

Le géant au grand cœur

Egor Sokolov has made the happiness of the supporters of the Eagles of Cape-Breton, with 46 goals and 92 points. But since the cancellation of the season in the QMJHL, it gives back even more to his community of adoption, the city of Sydney, Nova Scotia.

The Russian 19-year-old has preferred to stay in the Sea rather than return to his home in Yekaterinburg in western Siberia.

“When I made my decision, there was a possibility of resuming the activities in the QMJHL, he recalled during a long telephone interview to the Newspaper. I could not go so far and run the risk of finding myself in isolation for a period of two weeks upon my return. I made this decision speaking with my parents. It was the best choice to stay in Canada. “

“Cape Breton is my second home, I love this region. I feel great. When I think of Russia, I especially miss my family. There is no one sick at home in Russia. It reassures me also. “

A deliveryman particular

If he fell under the charm of Cape Breton island, it is also to be loved in return. The winger of 19 years old took up the role of citizen at heart since the beginning of this pandemic. He would have been able to isolate himself in the basement of the residence of Ashley and Kyle Ryan to play video games, but he preferred to help his community.

At the invitation of her family pension, he spends his free time to distribute baskets of groceries for people who are more vulnerable to this damn virus.

“I play in Sydney for the past three years and I was looking for a way to give back to the community, he explained. My family pension is the owner of a grocery store. They were looking for a person to make deliveries. My host family has done a lot of things for me and I never hesitated to say yes to help. “

“It is also a great way to help the people of Cape Breton. I meet as many of our supporters. They are gasping when they realize that it is me who drops the bags in front of the door. There are young fans who recognize me. After the first deliveries, some people have placed a t-shirt, Eagles in a window. I even saw my sweater no. 26 with my name on the back. It was pretty cool. ”

“If I can provide a smile to a young child or even grand parents, I have the feeling of a duty accomplished. There are older people who have to stay at home and they have no family to do their grocery shopping. “

Learn a language

Sokolov, the 73rd hope in North America for the last chance of the year 2020, was away at his arrival in Sydney in the fall of 2017.

“I don’t speak English,” he recalls. I used the translations with Google to make myself understood by my teammates or my family pension. For the first three or four months, I didn’t say hardly a word. I found it painful. I follow English lessons with a teacher, and I have taken it very seriously. I’ve unlocked pretty quickly since I was living in a universe only English-speaking. Today, I can give long interviews in English. As with you to Montreal ! “

Jacques Carrière, the director general of the Eagles, a smile in his voice when he describes his protégé.

“Egor is a giant with a big heart. It is a person is phenomenal. He grew up both on the ice and outside. I am so proud of his career and I wish him to achieve his dream of playing in the NHL. “

Sokolov, a winger of 6 ‘ 4 ” and 223 lbs., has earned the respect of the people around him for his commitment on the ice, but also the community.

“When I learned he was delivering orders for a grocery store to the elderly, I was absolutely not surprised, said Jack Grimes, the head coach of the Eagles. It is an automatic function of his hand. It’s part of his character : he wants to help people. He has a big heart. It gives off an energy so positive. He loves life and he is funny too. If there are dozens of children at the exit of the arena, he will sign autographs until the last young still present. He will not forget anyone. This is it, Egor Sokolov. There are the beautiful and the good in him. “

Egor Sokolov, a brilliant hope for the last chance

“Last summer, it was a slap in the face to Egor. For a second year in a row, it was ignored in the NHL draft. The third year will be good for him, he will bail them out. He trains like an animal, it is a guy in mission. “

Jacques Carrière, the DG of the Eagles of Cape-Breton, has made this prediction for Egor Sokolov.

A lot of calls

In his humble opinion, the player should know his fate from the third round in the next NHL draft.

“I get calls from almost all the NHL teams,” she said Jake Grimes, head coach at Cape Breton.

“Even if he was 19 years old, it will recover this year. He works hard. He will play in the NHL, I have no doubt. He has chosen to stay in North America last summer. He has worked on his fitness and his speed. “

In its third season in Cape Breton, Sokolov turned a good player to a winger of impact.

He finished at the summit of the scorers in the QMJHL with 46 goals in just 52 matches. He had hit the target 21 times and 30 times in his first two campaigns.

“I have worked hard in the gym this summer. I lost weight and I have gained speed, explained Sokolov. I’ve also taken muscle. I have improved my technique for my skating. I followed the advice of a coach, power skating with Jill Plandowski. “

Twice in Columbus

The image of a boxer, Sokolov has found the strength to stand up after two falls to the mat.

“I have participated in two camps with the Blue Jackets of Columbus. Both times, I have not been able to convince them to offer me a contract. The last camp of recruits, I was one of the best markers of the Blue Jackets in the tournament of recruits. I received an invitation to the big camp, but it was not enough. They told me that I had to improve myself and learn a big season with the Eagles. ”

Give the lie to his dénigreurs

“Upon my return, I had several goals. I wanted to prove to all the teams that they would have had an interest in me to pick him up. I wanted to make a lie of my dénigreurs. I also had as a goal to win a job with the Russian team for the World junior. I did it and I had a good tournament. ”

Sokolov and the Russians have lost 4 to 3 in the match for the gold medal against Canada.

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