The gifts that we send the souls of deceased loved ones

There are several channels of communication between the spirit dimension and our world… most often the souls of the dead people are using these channels to us something to report.

Подарунки, які посилають нам душі померлих близьких

Or maybe the person close to the heavens to send you gifts? Probably, you find something that reminds you of those people, and it’s more than a coincidence, reports Rus.Media.

There are several channels of communication between the spirit dimension and our world. Most often the souls of the dead people are using these channels to us something to report.

Here in what form are these signals:

1. Words

Signage, graffiti, advertising or road signs can suddenly enter into a dialogue with you. Seeing some words or word, you immediately think about a close person.

These signs give you his soul, to help you with the moving along the right path. The native people care about you and want to help. If that happened to you when you saw the road sign, you need to follow it and see where it takes you. If it was a store, then go to him, etc be sure to stick with those characters.

2. Bees, butterflies and birds

These lovely creatures of nature are created not only to please the eye, they also bring us a message from another world. Just as angels are messengers of God, little winged creatures – they are the messengers of dead people.

Seeing someone from these creatures, think about close. This way you will be able to set him unconscious and get the message. To decode the message, try to analyze your emotions and thoughts at that moment.

3. Bugs

If you had to find the turtle in a quite atypical place, far from the sea, it is a sign that someone from another world trying to contact you. And if the shell is in your way, in this case it is necessary to choose and keep, as it is precisely the gift of the deceased.

4. Glowing circles on the pictures

All because of dust on the lens or is it a real message from beyond? Check your camera: if it’s all right, and she’s clean, then it means the signal from your loved one. He thus wants to tell you what is next and protect you.

5. Coins

There is a saying — “money fell from the sky”. This expression comes from a faith that found the coin is a real message from a dead man. Mediums say that when a man finds a coin is a sign that the soul is as close as the world is there to protect, love and appreciate.

6. Numbers

If you often see the same repeating numbers, or your eyes regularly come across numbers that are associated with the deceased person (an important date in his life, a favorite number, birthday, etc), then he sends you a message. The value of this signal depends on the place you saw the number. Analyze the situation.

7. Music

If it suddenly begins to sound a song that reminds you of a loved one, it is for a reason. Often, music is associated with a specific time and place. So your loved one from the dead to haunt you.

8. Sleeps

You can dream anything. However, if you dream you see the past of a loved one, don’t doubt for a minute: he has made it so. Take seriously dreams, analyze it and try to find in it a message about how to behave on.

9. Plumage

Colorful feathers is a pretty common gift that we send the closest people of the world. The wings of birds are much closer to the sky than people, so the souls of the dead people use them as a message.

If you are on the way met the pen, lift it, look at the sky, think of my own and say its name, if not shy. So close reminds you that remembers you and protects you from adversity.

10. With one phone call

If your phone rang only once, it may be a signal from your past loved one. Some people say that continued for many years after the loss heard a single phone call. But most often it is of course it happens the first time after the loss, like the man who recently went to heaven is calling to inform you that he had a good trip.

11. Watch has stopped

As you know, often when someone dies, stop the clock. Or if the watch that worked perfectly, suddenly stop at a certain time, which, besides means to you, there is no doubt it is a sign that the soul of a loved one close by.

Also, there are times when a long time a broken clock suddenly begin to walk. It should also be seen as messages from the spirit world.

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