The girl figured out how to avenge the former to remember her 17 years

When a loved one betrays you, it is always very painful.

Дівчина придумала, як помститися колишньому, щоб він пам&#039ятав про неї ще 17 років

The only thing that can brighten up such experiences – a fair portion of the revenge. That’s the way was invented by a British woman named Harriet, reports Rus.Media.

The guy is probably Cheshire not only left her for another, but demanded Harriet to return him the money for a ticket to a Justin Bieber concert. The girl said “Yes” but to file this return very peculiar way.

In the name of his former lover Dan brown, it has issued a direct debit for the sum of 1 penny per day. Thus, to transfer the entire amount will take approximately 17 years, and every day the guy will receive a notification of receipt of money with a note from the sender: “trudivska asshole”.


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