The girlfriend of actor Keanu Reeves did not explain why not to cover gray

Подруга актера Киану Ривз не объяснила, почему не закрашивает седину

So, Alexander, have carefully studied the article from the magazine Newsweek, which said about the study of the impact of hair dyes on women’s health. The title of the article was frightening. The article wrote that the constant use of paint and straightening of hair increases the risk of breast cancer. The study involved more than 45,000 women.

These figures shocked the Grand and she wrote: “the Numbers are staggering… I turned gray early and dyed hair in all colors, while not thinking about the toxicity of paints… Every woman chooses as it is to look at any age, but if we are talking about the death of standards of beauty, let’s talk about these standards.”

Help Wikipedia. Keanu Reeves is a canadian actor, film Director, film producer and musician. Best known for his roles in chinoserie “the Matrix”, “bill and Ted” and “John Wick” and the films “point break,” “My own private Idaho”, “Dracula”, “Speed”, “johnny mnemonic”, “the devil’s Advocate”, “Constantine: dark Lord” and “street Kings”.

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