The global dollar in danger?

Глобальный доллар в опасности?

After the Second world war, the US dollar is at the center of international Finance and trade. For decades, despite numerous UPS and downs of the world economy, the dollar kept its role of a favorite storage savings funds. When hard times come or there is uncertainty, investors flock to dollar assets, particularly debt obligations of the U.S. Treasury, when the financial crisis happens in the United States. The Federal reserve, which sets interest rates in US dollars, has a huge impact on the economic climate around the world.Despite all the associated innovation, evident since the launch in 2009, the decentralized currency Bitcoin-based blockchain, the emergence of the modern cryptocurrency virtually no impact on the global addiction to the us dollar. The proponents of these new forms of money still have hope that they can challenge the existing financial system, but the impact on the global portfolios was minimal. The most influential Central banks (the fed, the European Central Bank and some others) continues to run the global monetary show.Also, a new, potentially major player: Libra from Facebook. Bitcoin and similar currency was created to replace such financial intermediaries as banks. And, theoretically it would be possible to organize a large part of the Finance without banks and other intermediaries that currently exist. However, the infrastructure of crypto-market can hardly be described as convenient for consumers. Cryptogenic too easy to steal or lose in a million other ways.Of course, Libra has his flaws, but if this currency does not make progress, it only opens more space for some other, more cautious corporate currency. Or perhaps the dollar will throw a cryptocurrency issued by a sovereign state, any of which has the right to create and distribute their own form of money.For some time rumor has it that the Chinese yuan can challenge or even one day supplant the US dollar as the main global reserve currency. Perhaps, but it is not clear whether this occurs because it is not clear whether the trust foreign investors have their savings of the Chinese political system.However, the fed is right in his worries. The growing pressure of potential competition provides an incentive to improve the existing system. In a recent speech, fed Governor Lael Brainard speak said that the fed will gradually introduce some innovations and dollar will be fine. Maybe she’s right. But for the first time in a long time banks got competition. And if you’re lucky, consumers will be able to make money.