The global threat posed by china

La menace mondiale que pose la chine

The government of the chinese communist Party has become a danger for China and for humanity as a whole ? To see how he handles the crisis of the COVID-19, one is tempted to assign it a large share of responsibility for the current pandemic. But this advantage is to a great degree a creature of the West.

A century ago, China was so ill that many were predicting its demise.

For millennia, the brilliant civilisation that had dominated the asian world. But the invasion of the Mongols in the 12th century, and then of Manchous in the 16th century has significantly slowed the development of China.

So well that in the 19th century, the Empire of the Middle, very weakened, is unable to resist the pressures of western countries that want to trade with him.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the chinese empire collapses. It is fragmented into small kingdoms which were in the hands of military and bandits at war with each other.

Finally, two groups will dominate the China. One supported by Stalin : the communists of Mao, and the other, supported by the Americans : the democrats of Chiang Kai-shek.

It will be up to the chinese communist Party (CCP) to reunify China under a single authority, in 1949.

Help of the Russians, and the Americans

China could have remained a vast third-world country.

But the leaders of the chinese communists, trained in marxism, fought for progress and modernization. In addition, they wanted to give back to China the place it formerly occupied : that of the centre of the world.

China’s communist rulers have managed to turn their dream into a reality with the help of the Russians and the Americans.

In 1950, at the beginning of the cold War, the Chinese and the Russians to sign a treaty of friendship, which will accelerate the modernization of China, especially in heavy industry.

Eventually, the soviet government realizes that the country is working with him in a very limited way. The relations between the two countries will be virtually broken and skirmishes, military personnel have come to their borders.

The Americans, in the early 1970s, which took the relay of the Soviets.

Increasingly authoritarian

The governments of the united states and china come close together to fight against their common enemy, the soviet Union.

Thanks to numerous transfers of technologies, they will enable China to modernize further. The Americans will diminish significantly their cooperation with China after the massacre of Tian’anmen in 1989.

The Russians will replace Us. To survive the collapse of the USSR, the Russians need money, and they agree to sell to the Chinese some of their more advanced technologies.

A few years later, the Americans will cocoon you in the illusion that the trade and the entry in 2001 of China in the world trade Organization pacifieront and China will evolve towards democracy.

A wake-up call

This does not happen. Quite the contrary, the chinese government has become increasingly authoritarian and bellicose.

Today, the alarm clock is brutal, especially for Americans.

Without doubt a little by racism, and much greed, they believed that China could never catch up. It is now made in virtually all areas.

The West has he created a monster ? In a certain way, yes, when you consider that the marxism, the transfer of technology and greed from the West. But it is necessary to give the chinese communist Party the merit of having been able to organize the China.

The question that arises is whether, in its current form, the PCC is still able to govern adequately the China.

The episode of the COVID-19, the hypercentralisation of the government of Xi Jinping and the totalitarian surveillance of chinese citizens suggests that it is not.

Our dependency manifest

In this crisis of the COVID-19, China has become in spite of itself the centre of global attention.

First, all indications suggest that the coronavirus originated in China and spread from China.

Then, as the country entered the forty, one after the other, the addiction world with respect to China became more apparent.

Two employees dressed in combinations inspected yesterday the masks manufactured at Naton Medical Group, Beijing. China now produces 25 % of all manufactured goods in the world.

Nearly 40 % of the drugs in the world are manufactured there. This country also produces a significant share of medical equipment that are used in the emergency rooms of the planet.

All this would be nothing if the chinese government had had an attitude beyond reproach. If he had had the intelligence to reveal to the world with clarity and transparency issues related to the epidemic.

China is not some banana republic. It is the first economy in the world in terms of purchasing power parity.

Lies and secrecy

However, the chinese government has hidden the birth of the epidemic. He then claimed that the disease was not transmissible from human to human, while doctors on the ground knew that the virus was extremely contagious.

He has manipulated the data on the pandemic by minimizing the number of people infected and the number of deaths. It has finally provided a very parsimonious with the information it held on the new coronavirus.

As if all these gestures were not already enough, the chinese government has also fuelled wild rumours about the manufacturing and the birth of the COVID-19 in the United States. When the virus is widespread in Italy, the chinese ambassadors have even been instructed to call the new coronavirus the “virus” Italian.

Even worse than in 2003

However, the chinese government had the experience of the SARS virus in 2003.

The government had also lied at the time. Its officials were then sworn, hand on heart, that never again such a situation does not repeat, that the failures which had led to so many lies had been corrected.

Not only is the situation just reproduce, but it is even more serious than in 2003. Why ? Findings distressing and disruptive for Xi Jinping and his team are emerging.

Control and terror

The style of government hypercentralisé of Xi Jinping is it viable ? The climate of all round citizens, and the terror that results from it, have they hindered the disclosure of the disease ?

China, which now produces 25 % of all manufactured goods in the world is it a trusted partner ?

All of these questions, the answers seem to be negative. In China, critics say the country has become too large and too complex to be governed as centralized.

Continuous monitoring of citizens induced a climate of terror and a bureaucratic tragedy.

China may be become the factory of the world, it cannot provide the request in the event of a crisis.

A long history of love and hate between two antipodes

China has long remained virtually unknown in the West.

The first political contacts between Europe and China are brutal. In the 13th century, Louis XI, king of France, had the idea of concluding an alliance with the Chinese to attack the Arabs.

The response of the chinese emperor, Mongka Khan, is unambiguous : he will be generous to Louis XI if the latter became his vassal, otherwise, he and his army will be slaughtered.

It was at this time that goes back a sense of fear toward China. This feeling is accentuated by the travel accounts of Marco Polo, which describes an empire richer, more advanced and more powerful than all those that exist in Europe.

In the 16th and 17th centuries is born with a sense of curiosity and love of China. Missionaries report detailed descriptions of this country. China is becoming an example of how Europe should be governed. The writer Voltaire, among others, idealizes China.

Between fear and admiration

Subsequently, the perception of China in the West oscillate between fear and admiration, between love and hate, with either a dominance of one pole, sometimes the other, depending on events.

For example, between 1949 and 1972, China was perceived as a communist country allied to the soviet Union. It was therefore an enemy of the free world and the West.

But in 1972, us president Richard Nixon to go to China to meet Mao Zedong. This will result in an alliance between China and the United States against the soviet Union.

This will change completely the perception of China in the West, much more than the restoration, a few years earlier, diplomatic relations between France and China, and then between Canada and China. China is seen as the friend of the West.

The massacres around the uprisings in tiananmen square in 1989, will switch the perception. To the point where for years, the chinese government fears that the nation replaces the soviet Union as the main enemy of the United States.

This is what could easily happen if the events of 11 September 2001 had not occurred. Therefore, the Americans have needed the China to their side in the war in Afghanistan, and then in the other wars in the Middle East. During these years, a feeling of admiration towards China is reborn.

The period Trump

The arrival of Donald Trump to be able to change to new perceptions. Trump says out loud what many whisper : for decades, trade with China is unfair and works against the interests of the old industrial powers.

The crisis of the COVID-19 and the management secret that the chinese government has made accentuate a general malaise that several world leaders were feeling already.

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