The globe broke. Ukraine and the changing world

Глобус сломался. Украина и изменчивый мир

© RIA Novosti, Sergei Starostenkocanadian newspaper the Globe and Mail reports that the Ukrainian student society at the University of Alberta in Edmonton call for the dismissal of a teacher Dougal MacDonald, who on his page on the social network called the famine a lie, backed up by a fake photo and the messages disseminated by the former servants of the Nazis.Moreover, Mr. MacDonald accused the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in that he “supports anti-Communist, Pro-Nazi myth of the famine”, thus attempting to “rewrite history”. For a formal appeal of angry students-Ukrainians the administration responded that the views of Professor McDonald do not represent the position of the institution, but he has the right to distribute them. Sam MacDonald in a statement to local journalists said that this dispute is an issue of freedom of speech. “I researched historical issue for many years and has stated its position on it.” “It is a human right and a constitutional right,” says the teacher, and the leadership of the University in that it supports it.What a wonderful lesson for our young “activists” who used to inform on their teachers in the SBU, to disrupt the lectures of objectionable teachers to portray vyshivanochnaya cloying patriotism, hoping to get the fuck away from their historical homeland abroad.

Increasingly overexposed national hysterics give the world the heave-Ho, for example, depicting on maps of the Crimea where it is, in reality, do not hesitate to send under court militias of the Ukrainian Pro-Nazi groups (as happened in Italy); result in the sense of lovers of the Bandera symbolism (in Poland) or as Hungary, aggressively fight for the rights of countrymen.

Ukraine is becoming toxic, and the passport of its citizens — the labour book of the worker. The level of ambition and arrogance Kiev “defenders of Europe” is not reduced. Everyone remembers the antics of the Ukrainian delegation to PACE, where Ukrainian parliamentarians, accustomed to making room in the spirit of vulgar licentiousness, have tried to dictate to the European Parliament in its agenda. Recently in Geneva, they tried to disrupt the speech of the Deputy of the state Duma Ruslan Balbec , during his presentation on the life of the Crimean Tatars. “Adult, at first glance, people screamed, kicked, beaten with fists on the table, some were even ready to start a fight” — with some surprise Balbec told the RIA “Novosti”.

In the Greek hotel vacationers unreactivity need to remove the Russian flag in Malaysia fall into hysterics at the sight of the curtains in the colors (as they thought) the St. George ribbon, then give eloquent instructions to the President of Kazakhstan Tokaev, “dared to say” that the reunification of Crimea and Russia cannot be called annexation.In France the so-called cultural attaché Irena Karpa suit scandal at the school when her daughter was attached for the filming of a training film to the conventional group of “Russian”. It is different, of Aryan blood, and shards of Tripoli beat her angrily heaving chest: Carp now threatens every day to send French teacher materials about the war in the Donbass and, of course, famine.

The scandal becomes a constant companion “stood up nation”, but it seems that Ukraine is waiting for the era of great geographical discoveries. The idea of the world as on his farm, where a small capricious child all have something that is not true. The planet doesn’t revolve around the axis of Kiev-Lviv, not everyone in the world is willing to be friends with neo-Nazis, and Putin is not in international isolation. This globe is broken — take another.

First the conquistadors had already gone in search of new worlds, for example in a rebellious Hong Kong. There was lit one of the leaders of the “National body” Sergey Filimonov, previously known to participate in racist actions and attempt of an arson of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. His other sister (who also took photos on the “Maidan” in Hong Kong) wore a mask, but was identified by distinctive tattoos. At the same time known canadian journalist Michael Colborne denounced the Ukrainian far-right “activist” Igor Painter, which appeared in Hong Kong media. “He’s not a journalist. He’s a neo-Nazi thug with multiple swastika tattoos and a history of violence, including an attack on dark-skinned football fans in 2015 in Kiev”, — wrote Colborne in Twitter account.Like to see the process of opening face postmaydannoy Ukraine did not stop for a minute and covered a wider world community. That is to say, “a session of black magic with its full exposure”: the state a laughingstock, the state-hysterical, the state of a beggar, which is ruled by foreign puppets.

What have you done with my country, scum?Konstantin Kevorkian

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