The globe is an interesting and very long history

The first globe was invented before our era, but people did not appreciate the invention.

Глобус - цікава і дуже давня історія виникнення

The invention of the globe – one of the largest geographical discoveries. With it easier to remember the location of continents and oceans, Islands and seas, forests and icy deserts. This object, created and improved by many scientists around the world. He has his own story, interesting and very old, informs Rus.Media.

The history of the globe

Latin, Globus means ball. Invented it twice. The first time the inventor was attracted to love is not to geography, and poetry, and it happened before our era, in the II century.

Who invented the globe? Philosopher and philologist crates Malossi, could day and night to listen to the poem “the Odyssey”, and then to plot on the map the routes of the protagonist. But this Crathes was not enough, because at that time it was already known that the earth has a round shape. He took it and painted ball. He first invented the globe.

This globe is consistent with the level of knowledge of the time, but still it was a real globe. Contemporaries appreciated his invention, but after a few centuries, the descendants of the forgotten globe of Crathes.

The second time, a copy of the earth was invented in 1492 in Nuremberg. It was created with the aim to demonstrate the geographical discoveries of the Portuguese sailors.

The title of the inventor has scientist Martin Bejaia. This globe called “Earth Apple” – a metal ball, no bigger than half a meter in diameter. It still wasn’t America, since the discovery of Columbus took place much later. There was no indication of latitude and longitude, but was Meridian and tropics, as well as a brief description of the countries. Now the very first globe is carefully preserved in the Museum of Nuremberg.

Created a set of globes, unexpected dimensions, from different materials and designs.

But there are two instances about which it is impossible not to mention.

The biggest globe in the world

A giant globe with the name Eartha has created the company “DeLorme”, which develops maps and GPS navigation systems. Its diameter is 12.6 meters, which is comparable to a four-story house. Is this creation in the United States, in Yarmouth.

The globe consists of 792 map sections. They are all secured with hidden bolts on a huge framework, composed of 6 thousands of aluminum pipes. But its highlight not just the scale. It is housed in a glass house that at night it is illuminated from within – this is truly an unforgettable sight.

On working days, anyone can take a picture in front of a huge map of the world. Besides the masterpiece listed in the Guinness Book of records.

The oldest globe of America

Scientists have found that a globe made of two halves of an ostrich egg, glued together with a natural polymer (shellac). The map carved on egg shell, and the threads coated with blue paint. Accurately set the Creator failed, the subject did not have any signatures. The researchers suggest that the globe is relevant to the workshop of Leonardo da Vinci. There are sketches that are reminiscent of his work. It depicts: the continents, signed in Latin, various animals and even the sailor crashed.

Collector cards and philologist Dr. MSN, date find the year 1504. And according to him, this globe is the first of those, which were marked by America, and which has been preserved to our time.