The “Golden” formula of the barbecue

PHOTO : MIR / Maria Androsova

The opening of the barbecue season in Russia fell various kinds of meat. Bird has lost in price the most and costs 240 rubles per kilogram. However, according to statistics, the most popular barbecue – pork. But the outsiders lamb. And it’s not the price of meat – 400 rubles per kilogram. Beef, for example, are almost twice as expensive. The answer is simple: not many fans of meat too tough to cook mutton kebab – meat too specific. How to choose fresh produce and what it is, the tidbit, found out the correspondent of “MIR 24” Dmitry Zabrodskiy.

Cook quickly, choose a long time and then it will be tasty – this is the “Golden” formula of the barbecue. It can be prepared from any meat, convinced the restaurateur Gayane of Breiova. Success is in the details.

“From the neck turns out the most delicious kebab. But if you like bone, then choose loin” – advised Gayaneh Breiova.

Barbecue pork will be tender and juicy, if you take where fatty streaks are most evenly. Pork in Russia costs an average of 417 rubles per kilogram. The price for the year was changed to 2%. For lamb shish kebab is better to use the pieces in the region of the ridge. Here the meat is less fatty, fried faster, you’ll be fine. The average price – 400 rubles per kilogram. Growth YTD 10%.

Chicken light and tender, marinated and quickly suitable for the diet. That’s only the breast is better not to take meat will be too dry. Now the chicken you can buy in price from 240 to 360 rubles per kilogram. Traditionally, the most expensive meat in Russia – beef. On average, 790 rubles per kilogram. It is noteworthy that in February and March, prices were higher, and in April fell again even below the January level, analysts said. While the meat capriciously. Less difficulty with pieces from the cervical part of the spinal and rib eye.

“Buying the tenderloin, the first thing we notice is the presence of films. This is absolutely normal. It protects the meat, so it is better,” says Gayaneh Breiova.

All the attention to appearance: fresh meat is slightly moist, smooth, on the surface there is no mucus or fluid. If it is sticky or wet, it says that it is on the counter one day. The storage conditions are not respected. Important and color.

“Lighter than meat – either pink or light red – so it is fresh. Red or brown spots suggests that the animal was elderly”. – said the expert on consumer goods novel, Meister.

Meat is better to buy at the store or at the market from a trusted butcher. If in doubt, ask for the documents. But don’t take only the paper, do an experiment.

“Well, if you have the opportunity to touch him – quality meat does not stick to the arm and a hole, which is formed after you should quickly return to its original position”, – says Roman Meister.

All the meat is divided into three types: fresh, chilled and frozen. Fresh for the barbecue fits poorly – too hard. Frozen worth taking, if it was not re-freeze. Just to check: touch the meat with your finger for a few seconds – must remain a dark stain color. If the stain has not changed, the piece was definitely out of the freezer. The best option for barbecue and for cooking is chilled meat.

“Look, whether equipped with a refrigerator thermometer, and what are the indicators you see on the scale. Normal chilled meat is stored from 0 to +2 degrees, and a frozen – from 0 to -2,” said nutritionist Anna Goncharova.

And last – if the porridge butter will not spoil, barbecue marinade easily. It’s important to keep time strictly according to the recipe, so the meat won’t be too hard, do not lose the flavor and not sour. By the way, vinegar is better not to use, the meat can easily dry out. Well, if you really want spicy sour, use lemon.