The good doctor Module?

Le bon docteur Barrette?

The ex-bulldog of Health, Gaétan Barrette, has turned in a nice and reassuring communicator on Twitter since the beginning of the pandemic. Metamorphosis cosmetic or expression of an innate sense of duty?

The count of daily new cases of infection to the damn COVID-19 sows the seeds of anxiety and gives the vertigo. But every day, the ex-liberal minister explains that the right choices have been made in Quebec in investigating the new data. While the collective moral is to be found in the heels, it offers a pedagogy imprint of positivism.

Many Quebecers love to hate it. And he has not stolen. His passage at the head of the Health has been marked by a distribution of taloches impulsive through reforms that have disrupted the network. It was good. The less good too. As the decision to centralize the laboratories of medical biology, which is precisely the impact in time of crisis. But above all the way. Or the lack of it.

As to the fight!

However, since the coronamania, he has the air of a villain who would have switched sides to end up in one of the “good”. As if its path had been laid down by a writer of the now-defunct World Wrestling Federation.

On the phone, the liberal contends that it is found in its natural state.

“What I’m doing now, it is like when I explain to patients a little nervous in difficult situations. Even in discussions where I had to tell people they could die, I showed them the possibilities,” says Dr. Barrette. “When I attack, it is not the same matter”, hastens to add it.

Having been at the controls of Health when the threat of Ebola, it has been a brief overview of what live today François Legault and Danielle McCann.

“In a crisis situation, it is impossible to be perfect. When there have been Ebola, finally, there has been nothing, but at the beginning, it was the same kind of context : we drove to sixteen, eighteen hours of work per day, and Horacio Arruda sometimes had to respond to me at 3 am in the morning,” he said.

“Keep the trust”

In this context, the Dr Module knows that he should not tell the government what to do. And he has no intention of harming him.

“The difficulty of the prime minister, that is to keep the public’s trust and through this trust, the public will follow. Then, try to undermine it, if we know the consequences that are to the key, this would be irresponsible.”

Before ending our conversation, he takes the trouble to castigate the criticism of the government made by the president of the Federation of medical specialists, Diane Francoeur, with whom he has always been at loggerheads.

“You can say that one of its outputs, I find them ridiculous and counter-productive.”

Ah, drown out the natural…

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