The government reported a record increase in the salaries of teachers, in the future they plan to increase again

The salary of teachers has increased markedly.

В уряді повідомили про рекордне зростання зарплат вчителів, надалі їх планують збільшити знову

In Ukraine over the past two years, from January 2017, teachers ‘ salaries increased on average by 75%. This increase of salaries of separate categories of civil servants is the most intense in the country’s history. This was announced by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman during a meeting of the government, informs Rus.Media.

The Prime Minister did not name the other digits relative to the current level of teacher salaries.

He only said that the Cabinet of Ministers is preparing another project to increase teachers ‘ salaries. Their salaries can in the coming months to increase twice in comparison with the beginning of 2017.

“The government has started work to increase wages for teachers. This is still not enough, but it says something about the priorities of our government for the encouragement of learning,” – said Groisman.

Additionally, in October 2018, the Minister of education and science of Ukraine Liliya Hrynevych said that the increase in teachers ‘ salaries to the state budget of Ukraine need an additional 110 billion. However, the budget for 2019, these funds were not included. As of last fall, the starting salary of a young teacher amounted to 4 500 UAH.