The government wants to look into the pocket of the rich Ukrainians

From 1 January 2019, the tax authorities can take under strict control the rich Ukrainians. The bill developed by the Ministry of Finance, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

Правительство хочет заглянуть в карман к богатым украинцам

It is reported that initially the draft law was submitted to the relevant government Committee, but the Finance Ministry later withdrew it to finalize. The re-introduction of the bill is scheduled for September.

  • The Ministry also explained who is considered a taxpayer with high income.
  • In particular, it can be the person who ultimately benefitsiarnogo of the taxpayer.
  • Rich is also considered to be a Ukrainian owning directly or indirectly 10 and more per cent of the share capital or voting rights of acquired shares tax resident of another country with incomes over 1 million euros for the year preceding the reporting.
  • In the category of the rich will also be citizens whose annual income exceeds UAH 50 million.

Therefore, if a taxpayer has the status of “persons with higher incomes”, it will be reflected in the state register of physical persons. For late submission of tax returns will be imposed a penalty of 10% of the amount of tax charged on the income of individuals.

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