The Granby International on the ice

Le Granby International sur la glace

Car enthusiasts, do your mourning. The unmissable summer meeting of the eastern Townships will not take place. In effect, the organizing committee of the Granby International, which has been taking place for 38 years at parc Daniel-Johnson, always on the last weekend of July, has chosen to reluctantly cancel the event.

A thoughtful decision, says the chairman of the VAG (Old Cars of Granby), who, like many, feared the worst for the next few weeks, or even months.

As a guest of honour of this event for four years now, needless to say, the news disappointed me. Because the Granby International did for me part of the must-sees of the summer, and that this news suggests to me that several events will follow the step.

The gathering of the Beautiful of the Past, major event of the Quebec city region, and which must be held this year at the Expocité, at the end of June, will he suffer the same fate?

For the time being, we already know that the Salon Auto-Sport Quebec will be deferred, and that the most of the event organizers to submit their activities. Would this therefore be a dead season for car lovers?

Of course, I have the impression of being a little navel-gazing when writing these lines, being of course aware that the gravity of the current situation takes precedence over any form of disappointment individualistic. That said, for the car enthusiast that I am, it’s a bit like if I was that winter was going to last a year. That the five month waiting period would continue indefinitely.

Some might compare the thing to the abandonment of the hockey season, except that we already knew that the Canadian would not make the playoffs. And then, hockey fans have still been entitled to the major part of their season!

Now, why is it that the committee of the Granby International, immediately took a decision that at first glance, seems to be premature? First, because this large-scale event involving hundreds of volunteers, including older people, who are afraid of the situation. Because one is persuaded that a majority of exhibitors could decline the invitation, and that it would be the same for people who come to expose their car.

It is also important to understand that the defeat of such an event (read, lack of exhibitors and the public) could mean heavy financial losses. Recall that the Granby International, which takes place on three days, each year attracts 35 000 visitors.

It is necessary to understand that in taking these figures into account, it is impossible only for this year, a assistance of 5 000 or 10 000 people, the figures currently estimated by the committee if the event took place.