The grand return of a fighter

Le grand retour d’une battante

After some difficult years, Katia Daraîche returns to the front of the stage. The singer is preparing an autobiography, in addition to a return-on-disk after an absence of 17 years.

“It happened, in 17 years,” falling leaves Katia Daraîche with a chuckle.

In fact, the life of the singer has never been particularly simple. Blind from birth, she has been snapped up by a bus at the age of 16 years, an accident for which she now retains a significant legacy. Over the years, she has had to undergo numerous operations in the leg, the next being scheduled in a few days.

However, in interview to the Newspaper, Katia Daraîche charts his own course without the slightest bitterness or rancour. Because the singer has decided, it has been many years, that she would be a fighter, not a victim.

“We can rail, we can scream as much as you want, it won’t solve our problems. Then one pulls himself together, there was our sleeves and go to plan B. And if he doesn’t work ? There are still many letters in the alphabet, ” says she, simply.

“Thank you life “

Another sign of this positivism ? The title of the first single of her upcoming album : Thank you life. Expected in September, it should set the table for the full album, scheduled for may 2021.

This project is starting to take shape. The list of collaborators Katia Daraîche stuff quietly, which already includes the names of SV Ray, Nelson Minville and, of course, his father, Paul Daraîche.

“I think people will learn a lot about me with this album. I want to use it to create my identity, to show that I am a full-fledged artist, and not simply a member of the family Daraîche “, she says.

An autobiography, on which Katia Daraîche board currently, is expected to be launched at the same time. Once these two projects are completed, the singer confesses that she has ” achieved all of his dreams “.

“… Except one “, turns around-t-it.

Ah yes ? Which one ?

“I dream of driving my car !” exclaimed she with a laugh.

“There’s something that tells me I’m going to see it one day. I don’t know when, I don’t know how. But the way I feel “, she adds, more seriously.

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