“The Grande Allée is still alive”, provide traders

«La Grande Allée est toujours vivante», assurent les commerçants

The closure of the Cosmos Grande-Allée, an institution of the past 25 years, has been to respond until, in the Commons at Ottawa, but the owners of the shops on the famous street of Quebec refuse to see it as a bad omen.

“The Grande Allée is renewed,” cry in the heart of the restaurant owners in the street. If some shops have closed their doors in recent years, others have opened or are about to open.

This is the case of the Maison du Spaghetti, where $ 6 million has been invested to make it a youth hostel, along with a new bistro.

“Before it was more of a tourist trap on Grande Allée. It is transformed into interesting restaurants,” explained Fabio Monti.

In addition to the Workshop and Ophelia, the latter has bought the building next door which housed the Ashton to launch another offer of food. “We had no other choice than to put that on pause for the moment, but it is because of the COVID”, he explains.

“In the summer, it works”

The restaurant Made to the os, which is now in its third summer, is another example of a renewal. The place of 40 places is more like the type of restaurant that can be found in lower town, but the owners have focused on the city centre. “In the summer, it works. This is hell, the Great Went,” says Christian Desnoyers.

Closures everywhere

Philippe Desrosiers of the Stainless steel argues that the crisis will have consequences everywhere. “He closes on Grande-Allée, to the shops, but he closes it everywhere, on St. Joseph also”, says he.

The cancellation of the FEQ will obviously hurt the merchants, but Mr. Desrosiers noted that the entire city enjoys the festival. More, “we’ll do business [for 10 days], it does not fall to zero”, adds the one who is on Grande Allée for the past 20 years.

The response of the customer seems very good since the opening of the restaurants post-confinement, on Monday. The pedestrian street every weekend will definitely help to animate the summer. “The Grande Allée is still alive”, argues Philippe Desrosiers.

Reaction in Ottawa

The conservative mp Alain Rayes has also questioned the government on the closure of the Cosmos during the question period Thursday.

“When this government will he adapt to the PCU to allow people to return to the labour market?” asked Mr. Rayes. To explain the closing, the owner of the Cosmos Louis McNeil was also pointed out that the PCU that was “in competition” with his business.

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