The greatest two minutes: the US is preparing for the legendary horse race the Kentucky Derby

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Maxim Cams


In the United States its may day – there at the beginning of the month in over 145 years pass, the legendary horse race the Kentucky Derby. Sports columnist, “the WORLD 24” Alexander Brieuc told about this event.

Every year, fans bet about $ 200 million. But it is a risky business: there was a period when the main favourite lost 19 consecutive years.

In the United States are the final preparations for the legendary horse race – the Kentucky Derby. This Saturday, the racetrack in Louisville will fill 150 thousand fans of horse racing.

These jumps are called two of the greatest moments in the world of sports. That is how much lasts every race. And for that brief moment, someone loses everything, well, someone becomes a millionaire. The breeders bring the best horses. They are all purebred and all three years old.

The main prize of these races a million dollars. And the fate of the money is entirely in the legs of the horse. Therefore, for the best horses offer a lot of money.

So it was with a true legend of horse racing – a stallion named American Pharaoh. His master for one of the best racers in history have offered $ 30 million. Pharaoh won all the most prestigious competition, and thus get rich its owner. Although the champion had to go under the hammer for just 300 thousand dollars.

“I almost made the biggest mistake of his life. Well, the wife and son at the last moment talked me out of it. The Pharaoh is now a member of my family”, – told the breeder Ahmet’re.

The money in the race, spinning a lot, but the horses don’t need them. So they came up with a different prize. The winner gets a blanket of 554 roses. They bring to the racetrack. That is why the Kentucky Derby is also called the run for the roses.
Another tradition – the ladies ‘ hats. Although this applies not only to kentuckyshow Derby, but in General the dress code at the races. A parade of fanciful hats no less exciting event than the races.

The actual hats your requirements. They have a diameter of at least 10 centimeters, but more importantly appearance. It is important that headgear looked rich. At least this attribute of the race will cost three thousand dollars. The upper limit does not exist.

Girls in addition to hats will have to spend more and on the best dress, handbag and shoes. For men the dress code is not as severe – usually it’s just a very expensive suit.