The green light for the arena is coming

Le feu vert aux arénas s’en vient

This would only be a matter of hours before the déconfinement athlete during finally allows arenas, and by the same to the schools of hockey to resume. The good news awaited could be announced as early as Wednesday.

According to the information obtained, the arena could open their doors starting Monday, June 29.

“It is almost sure that it will happen. I am studying various plans for the summer and an advisor to the minister Isabelle Charest has been clear with me, saying to me : wait until tomorrow, you’ll have a very good news,” said the Journal Christopher Bedard, of the hockey School of the Capital.

The bell sound is similar on the side of the school of Power Skating Julie Robitaille, in the Mauricie region.

“I have had the same information and one can only hope that the announcement will take place tomorrow (Wednesday). It’s been several weeks that we are working on it and talk about it. With the recent announcements of déconfinement interior in cinemas and elsewhere, it becomes ridiculous not to déconfiner arenas. It is important to be patient, but it does not want to be the turkey of the farce”, said Julie Robitaille.

At the time of writing these lines, the office of the minister Charest has not responded to interview requests from the Newspaper for knowing the details of a possible announcement regarding the déconfinement of indoor sports. Impossible for the moment to know if the gyms and other infrastructure will also be affected positively.

Other details to come…

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