The grip tightens around Carpentier according to an expert

L'étau se resserre autour de Carpentier selon un expert

Survival in the forest is far from easy, especially when it is improvised. If Carpentier is always hidden in the perimeter where the research outcome is expected to occur shortly, writes an expert of survival in the forest.

Mathieu Hébert, the Primitives, a school of life and survival in the forest, is looking for the folder of Martin Carpentier, this wanted fugitive for more than a week. According to the expert, as there is no trace that leads us to believe that Carpentier is out of the scope of the search, the time begins to play against him, and in favor of the police officers who hunt down.

“Nothing makes us believe that this individual is involved in this situation, a situation where there may have been lives at stake, where there is continued and that we must survive. If it is in a mode of improvisation and in a state of psychological distress, after a week, it gets really difficult. Even if you got the food, even if you have the equipment and that your life is not in danger. It is difficult to stay in these conditions, because it is not conditioned to it, ” said Mr. Hébert.


The lack of sleep, added to a rest of a lesser quality and a low daily calorie intake can play against someone who tries to survive in the forest.

“There are hallucinations that are very powerful that happens in our brain “, explains the expert. He cites the example of a person who suffers from this type of hallucination may hallucinate the presence of a vehicle and even try to touch it, to realize that it was flowers.

The Sûreté du Québec said Friday morning, to intensify its presence in Saint-Apollinaire and Saint-Agapit. According to the expert, there is potentially a sign that “they closed the box quietly not quickly” around the fugitive.

“In the coming hours or coming days, we will have answers. I have the impression that they put more staff where they believe that he could find, he claims. You come to a point where Carpentier has no advantage, if it is still in the perimeter, because this would be very difficult to get out of it, without having to look weird. “

Mr. Hébert still holds in head that Carpentier may have managed to escape far from the sites of research, even if it’s still an assumption implausible, according to him.

“It is very difficult, today, to move without a trace “, he recalls.

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