The group american hotel Marriott will have to leave Cuba by the end of August

Le groupe hôtelier américain Marriott devra quitter Cuba d’ici fin août

Havana, Marriott will have to close its Four Points Sheraton hotel in Havana by the end of August, on order of the u.s. department of Treasury, and will not open the others that he had a project on the island, said Friday to AFP a spokesman for the group american hotel.

“Marriott International has been notified by the u.s. Department of Treasury that we must stop to manage the Four Points Sheraton in Havana, Cuba, by August 31,” said a spokesperson by email.

In addition, “we will no longer be allowed to open other hotels in Cuba that we had in preparation”.

The spokesman recalled that Marriott was entered on the market cuba in 2016, “with the permission of the us government”, at the time of the reconciliation history between Cuba and the United States, under Barack Obama.

“Our license of operation was revised and renewed in 2018,” but “we have recently been informed that the government license would not be renewed” this time, “what force Marriott to stop its operations in Cuba”.

Since the arrival of Donald Trump at the White House, the u.s. administration has backtracked on the policy of détente vis-à-vis Cuba, and increases the sanctions against the socialist government.

Last date: Wednesday, the State department has added seven companies and hotels to cubans on its list of sanctioned entities, including the company’s financial Fincimex, which manages the sending of money to the island by Cuban exiles (the “remesas”), in particular via Western Union.

These remesas, estimated by the economist Carlos Mesa-Lago of $ 3.5 billion in 2017, are a precious support to the daily life of many families, especially in this time of pandemic coronavirus, which has exacerbated food shortages on the island, generating high inflation.

“Marriott continues to believe that Cuba is a destination that tourists, including Americans, want to visit,” said the spokesperson for the group, ensuring that the latter “was looking forward to re-open in Cuba if the u.s. government gives us the permission to do business again”.

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