The group of deputies LREM will not support a change in family allowances

Illustration of the group The Republic is on in the Assembly. — Jacques Witt / Sipa/SIPA

No solidarity worth. The group of deputies of the Republic in The market will not support the end of the universality of family allowances proposed by one of its members on the occasion of the consideration of the draft budget of the Secu, a-t-on learned from sources that the parliamentarians.

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Thursday evening, deputies LREM met for three hours to decide on the amendments that should support the majority group, in the presence of Thomas Mesnier, a leader LREM on this draft budget discussed on Tuesday at the commission at the Meeting, and the rapporteur Olivier Véran. Caroline January, member of parliament for the Loiret, was left alone to defend his proposal to assign the family allowances only below a certain ceiling of resources.
“The group will not file an amendment on the subject,” said Thomas Mesnier, and will not grow to advantage. The topic is indeed very sensitive and the idea had little chances to prosper, while a parliamentary mission on the family policy will be launched and Prime minister Edouard Philippe wants a “real debate” before any decision is taken. The member could, however, file an amendment in his name, with the signatures of a few colleagues.

Concerning the extension of the vaccination requirement set out in the draft budget, Blandine Brocade (Rhône) has once again advised to refer to the extent, without being followed by the group. Among the accepted amendments, there are proposals on the social regime of independent, telemedicine, and still the greatest disability is taken into consideration. Requests for reports of Thomas Mesnier on an integration of of State medical aid (for undocumented migrants) in the universal regime of social protection as well as on the criteria for the allocation of places in nursery have been validated also.

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