the growth of the Comptoir Rhodanien will depend on nuts

    the growth of the Comptoir Rhodanien will depend on nuts

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    It is a Drôme company that distributes tens of thousands of tonnes of fruit every year but which wants to continue its growth despite the health crisis: the Comptoir Rhodanien in Tain-l’Hermitage has just acquired the Ville-Valnoix company based in St Marcellin. , a company specializing in nuts. According to Christophe Soulhiard, president of the Comptoir Rhodanien group, the aim is to strengthen the development strategy, in particular to face foreign competition. Thanks to this acquisition, the company now claims to be the non-cooperative leader in dried nuts in France. The group already distributes 35,000 tonnes of fruit each year and employs around 500 seasonal workers.

    Christophe Soulhiard was invited to “the new eco” this Wednesday morning on France Bleu Drôme Ardèche:

    France Bleu is at your side to support you during this period of health crisis. Every day, your radio takes an interest in an emblematic company in your region (industrial flagship, sports club, association, restaurant, etc.). How is she doing? What lessons does she draw from this coronavirus pandemic? How does it see itself in the future?

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