The grumbling of the workers Olymel is increasing

La grogne des travailleurs d’Olymel s’accentue

More than eight unions of workers at the Olymel, and Viandes du Breton, come to file a petition of over 2500 names at its headquarters in Saint-Hyacinthe to regain their premium COVID, learned The Newspaper.

“The pandemic is not over. The premium should continue to be paid as the risks of contagion will be present and that protective equipment must be worn”, has hammered the president of the trade Federation (FC–CSN), David Bergeron-Cyr.

In mid-June, more than 4000 workers of the meat industry plants, Olymel and Viandes du Breton protested to keep their ” premium COVID “, but despite this output, Olymel has remained ice-and told the Newspaper that she does not go back on its decision.

Growls growing

For the president of the trade Federation (FC–CSN), David Bergeron-Cyr, the filing of a petition of 2500 names, representing more than 75% of the workers, is proof that the anger hasn’t diminished in its ranks.

“The fact that we have managed to collect so many signatures in so little time, at a time when 15% to 20% of the employees are on vacation clearly demonstrates that the workers enjoy their premium and they are highly mobilized around this challenge,” he added.

On Wednesday, The Newspaper revealed that the chain of stores Dollarama has decided to extend by one month the payment of his bonus COVID 10% of the hourly wage.

Two days earlier, Lowe’s, which has stores Rona and Réno-Dépôt, announced the extension of its “premium temporary special”$ 2 per hour for the entire month of July.

Of their sides, Walmart, Loblaw, Sobeys and Metro have all announced the end of the payment of this premium temporary.

– With the collaboration of Martin Jolicoeur

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