The guard took video of a Ghost in an empty shopping Mall

Охранник снял на видео призрака в пустом торговом центре
The footage shows how the non-working escalator rises a little girl, and a moment later it disappears.

Hearing suspicious noises inside a shopping Mall in Brazil, a security guard went to investigate. However, what he saw inside the empty room, forced him to turn on the camera. The footage shows how the escalator rises the silhouette, like a child

Seeing the little girl, the security guard ran to her to see closer, but she immediately disappears. After a moment, he notices that the child is already to the left of it. The man said that he is not the first time he sees this mystical phenomenon. In his opinion, it’s the Ghost of a girl who died inside the Mall.

Netizens also horrified by what he saw, adding that escalators are usually turned off at night. So the Ghost only created the illusion that he was moving up the stairs.

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