The guardian of the Reich

На страже Рейха

Of course, the court viatrovych came, moreover, not even took to mail the summons.And who, in principle, then, doubt?But let me explain in a nutshell what is really going on.The fact that the law on prohibition of propaganda of totalitarian regimes, only called as such.And the Third Reich, there is inscribed only to using the fact that the Reich internationally recognized absolute EVIL, to enter the trailer and the Soviet Union.In fact, the role of Reich ends happily.Because the law is not about totalitarian regimes, but simply anti-Soviet.Given this orientation, it is carefully written out all the infinite attributes of the Union, for the demonstration which comes responsibility.And very casual, almost did not describe the Nazi attributes, not even because someone was trying to cover up, no.Just not needed, not the law.Hence, further insights, you ask something of the Institute of Naramata, and they, instead of answering in fact, as historians begin to interpret the laws.That did not in their competence.Namely, nikunau finger flipping the law banning totalitarian regimes and triumphantly say, no, there is no such( I mean some signs of Nazism), and if not, then not.That’s all.I’m not going to refer to the international law, which dominates what is there, it’s not even.It’s like if you describe the symptoms of the onset of the day with reference to hours and the sun does not enter.And you say, so the sun is well up, Agov, and you don’t.Not in the law about the sun, is only about the watch.And they stand.The guardian of the Reich.Max Buzhansky

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