The Guardian: trump asks Turkey to stop the fire and imposes sanctions

The Guardian: Трамп просит Турцию прекратить огонь и вводит санкции

— The President freezes talks on trade deal on $ 100 billion.— Trump promises “lightning to destroy the Turkish economy.”On Monday, Donald trump spoke directly with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and demanded the immediate cessation of military action in Syria, and announced a series of punitive sanctions against Ankara, in what critics saw an attempt by the President to save his reputation.About talking American President Erdogan told Vice-President Mike Pence, who said that he would soon travel to the middle East. “The United States of America gave Turkey the green light for the invasion of Syria,” said Pence to reporters in the White house.However, trump’s announcement a week ago that he is withdrawing us troops, to create effective buffer against Turkish invasion, many regarded as the greatest foreign policy blunder of historic proportions, and even the Republicans have shown a negative reaction to this decision.The situation in Northern Syria is out of control, and the White house began to urgently catch up. The President said that he gave the order to impose sanctions against current and former Turkish officials, without delay, to freeze talks on us-Turkish trade at $ 100 billion.Trump said that reintroduces a 50 percent duty on Turkish steel. This measure was adopted last year to secure the release of jailed American pastor Andrew Brunson (Andrew Brunson). In may, trump reduced the duty to 25%.”I am fully ready with lightning speed to destroy the Turkish economy, if the Turkish leadership would continue to pursue this dangerous and destructive way,” the President said on Monday.In his statement, he confirmed that fully displays 1 000 American troops stationed in the North of Syria, though they “will remain in the region, changing the place of deployment”. The statement concluded that “small contingent” of American troops will remain in the garrison “At-TANF” in the South of Syria and will continue to “destroy the remnants” of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia — approx. transl.).Led by the Kurds of Syrian democratic forces were in the forefront of the military campaign to destroy extremists of the “Islamic state”, however, Erdogan said that they are associated with the militants-separatists operating in Turkey. The Kurds made a deal with the renowned Russian support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, to help in repelling the Turkish invasion. Thus, in the North of Syria appeared an explosive situation.The Minister of defense mark Esper said that next week will travel to Brussels and asked NATO allies to punish Turkey for the invasion, which, according to him, “led to the release of many dangerous prisoners from ISIL (also “Islamic goudarstva, organisation, banned in Russia — approx. ed.)”.It seems that the White house changed its strategy as it had previously argued that the Turkish invasion was imminent, and he’s just withdrawing us troops from the blow.On Monday evening, a senior administration official said: “It was not caused by the actions of the President of the trump. This was due to the actions of President Erdogan, who, despite repeated warnings about the inadmissibility of invasion and disapproving against the United States, took this extremely ill-advised, ill-considered step that led to undesirable consequences”.Another official added: “the troops that the defense Minister brought from the North-East, and that dozens of soldiers were in the area of 40 by 30 kilometers. Completely illogical to assume that two or three dozen soldiers can stop the advancing army. And it would be very dangerous to give these forces the order on carrying out such tasks. Therefore, in order to prevent their encirclement, so they are not caught in the crossfire in this conflict, we were forced to think about how to protect these special forces.”However, trump also puts forward arguments that he had during the election campaign promised to stop the endless wars in far countries, and to return the troops home. Shortly before the announcement of sanctions, the President tweeted: “anyone who wants to help Syria to protect the Kurds, will find in me a supporter, be it Russia, China or Napoleon Bonaparte. I hope they succeed in this, and we’re at 11 thousand miles away!”New sanctions may not be enough to satisfy Congress, which on Tuesday begins a session. Republicans in Congress revolted against trump, which is rare, because they faithfully and firmly supported him, and now trying to protect from impeachment.Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell (Mitch McConnell) said that the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria faces a “strategic disaster” and “catastrophic consequences” for U.S. interests in the region. However, trump’s name he did not name.Three high-ranking democratic Senator has called the sanctions a “good and justifiable”, but insufficient. They warned that they would ask the Republicans to support them and to adopt a resolution calling for Trump to stop the withdrawal of us troops, which is regarded as the collapse of a five-year diplomatic effort.”President trump needs to take a moment to step forward, to do the right thing and adjust course,” wrote in a joint statement, senior democratic Senator Chuck Schumer (Chuck Schumer), a member of the Senate foreign relations Committee Bob Menendez (Bob Menendez) and Jack reed (Jack Reed) from the Committee on the armed forces.The speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi has previously stated that she is actively working on a bill to impose sanctions against Turkey together with Republican Senator Lindsay Graham advocating strongly against the withdrawal of troops.On Monday, Graham said that he “fully supports” a trump on the introduction of sanctions and, together with the President and his team calling the leaders of the sides to this conflict. “President trump gave her the opportunity to address the strategic damage that it has done in a win-win situation, he said. I hope that Turkey will listen to the appeals. Until the fire had stopped, until you stop the bloodshed, sanctions are necessary to maintain and gradually enhance”.Trump has again warned Turkey that it is responsible for the safety of civilians and minorities, and in the near future will be responsible for the detention of the extremists, who were detained Kurdish fighters. “I very clearly told President Erdogan: Turkey is creating a humanitarian crisis and create the conditions for the Commission of war crimes,” said trump.

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