The guitar of Kurt Cobain sold for$ 6 MILLION, a record

La guitare de Kurt Cobain vendue 6M$, un record

NEW YORK | The guitar used by Kurt Cobain during the recording of the famous concert Unplugged Nirvana, in 1993, was sold Saturday at auction organized by the house Julien’s for $ 6 million, a record for a guitar.

The buyer, who was physically present during the sale, organized in Beverly Hills, California, is the contractor australian Peter Freedman, the founder of the company, Røde Microphones, who designs pickups, said Julien’s, in a news release.

The head of the company immediately indicated that it intended to proceed with the instrument in several cities of the world, produced exhibitions ranging in works of charity supporting the world of the show.

The price, of $ 5 million brought to 6.01 by adding the expenses and the commission, has largely exceeded the original estimate of the house Julien’s, who had fixed the starting point of the sales to a million.

Up here, the guitar is the most expensive of the story was a Fender Stratocaster, christened “Black Strat”, used by the guitarist of the british band Pink Floyd, David Gilmour.

She had been sold by the musician for 3,975 M$, at a sale held in June 2019 by the house Christie’s, for the benefit of charitable causes.

The guitar semi-acoustic Kurt Cobain sold Saturday is a rare model, the D-18E manufactured by the maker american Martin to 302 copies only, in 1959.

It met the rules of the show Unplugged (disconnected) from the american channel MTV, who wanted the artists are invited to use only the instruments acoustic or semi-acoustic.

The concert “Unplugged”, recorded in New York on 18 November 1993, which corresponds to the peak of Nirvana, the rock group the most significant event of the 90s, which has crystallized around him in a musical movement, grunge.

The performance came less than six months before the suicide, on April 5, 1994, Kurt Cobain, depressed and addicted to heroin.

The guitarist and singer will not have known the release of Unplugged, which was going to rise to the forefront of the record sales upon its release, in November 1994.

According to the trade magazine Billboard, it sold more than five million copies alone in the United States.

The guitar was sold with its box, custom by Kurt Cobain, as well as three tickets of luggage.

At the end of October, the legendary vest olive green worn by Kurt Cobain during the recording of the same “Unplugged” was sold for 334 000$, in auctions organised also by Julien’s Auctions.

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