The happiest male and female names

2016-04-16 19:31

The happiest male and female names
Many astrologers and psychics believe that the name of the person to a certain extent affects his fate.

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According to them, every name radiates its energy, that can provide the possessor of this name a positive or negative impact. Because of this, some names have a maximum positive effect, while others may bring its owner many problems.

Here are the most happy male and female names that bring good luck. Female names Elena

This name is considered to be one of the happiest. Most women with the same name was awarded an easy fate. They are fairly easy career, they easily find common language with surrounding people. All owners of this name usually love, appreciate and respect family and friends.


Natasha is also quite lucky. They are confident and able to defend their point of view. Because of this, they bravely overcome all the difficulties easily and solve the problem.


Tatiana also brings good luck. Holders of this name always live in the positive. Despite all the difficulties of life, they are always in a good mood. It is this attitude to life helps them to cope with problems and feel happier than others.


This name radiates strong energy, activity and determination. Due to this, its owner can easily achieve great success in personal life and career. They set ambitious targets and reach them skillfully.


Olga – another beautiful and happy women. Its owner have all the prerequisites in order to live in happiness, love and wealth. Although they trust their feelings and intuition, but serious deeds make is often influenced by the conclusions of reason. Through this approach, they successfully solve problems and come out victorious from difficult situations.

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The name Catherine is not just happiness, it gives its owner an analytical mind, commitment and ability to succeed. That is why most women with this name are ambitious, active and positive, and that helps them to achieve a lot in life.

Unhappy female names.

Such experts include the names of Nadezhda and Lyudmila. Hope the problems in life can occur due to the fact that she is too passive and tend to just go with the flow. The power of a name of Lyudmila can attract all sorts of trouble.

Happy male names: Alexander, Alexey and Anatoly

All these names are in first place in the ranking of the most successful. Men with these names have a special power, both physical and moral. Most of them are strong in spirit and is able to achieve considerable success, if, of course, will not lose the opportunity that gives them fate itself.


The name Ivan can also be called one of the happiest. The holders of this name are lucky enough to have a very strong guardian angel. Thanks to him they can easily overcome even serious difficulties, because they have a protector who helps and protects from harm.


The owners of this name can also be attributed to happy people. The name is endowed with a strong energy – she helps these men to always be ahead of everyone and to achieve our goals. Strength of character and ability to find common language with people really help them in life.

Oleg and Mikhail

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The owners of these names have a strong celestial defenders. Guardian angels help them in everything, even sometimes such situations arise when they miraculously manage to avoid trouble. It may seem, if someone leads and directs, tells the right path and protecting them from harm.

Unhappy male names – Yaroslav, Stanislav, Boris and Bogdan.

Jaroslav from birth is influenced by the energy of aggression name, it will drive them all my life and often interfere with personal relationships and career. Stanislav due to the influence of the name becomes impetuous, it is difficult to communicate with people. Bogdan is too strongly associated with the mother that may interfere in adult life. The whole life of Boris will be filled with challenges that he will have to overcome.